To access Capital’s currency settings, select Currency from the General settings tab of your theme settings.

The currency settings allow you to select whether you want to allow customers to view your store with prices in their local currency.

If enabled, customers can choose currencies from a dropdown menu in the header, right next to the search bar.

The currency switcher menu

On mobile devices, it appears in the bottom menu next to the customer accounts dropdown menu and the search button.

The currency switcher menu on a mobile device

By default, the currency converter is enabled and customers can pick from a number of currencies: INR, GBP, CAD, USD, AUD, EUR, and JPY.

Use currency converter
Turns on the currency converter. If you deselect the checkbox, your shop's currency switcher is disabled entirely.
Choose whether or not the currency should be displayed in prices throughout your store.
Supported currencies
Enter currency codes that should be available to pick from the currency switcher. Each code should be separated by a space.