Password page

If you aren’t ready to open your shop to the public yet, you can enable a password page. The password page blocks customers from accessing your under-construction store, and it allows you to give a password to anyone who needs access to the shop before you open.

You can enable a password page from the Online Store ► Preferences page in your Shopify admin area. Scroll to the Password page section at the bottom of this page.

If you have your mailing list info set up in the your footer settings, Capital’s password page will display a newsletter signup form when customers land on the password page. They can use the Enter store using password link to proceed and enter a password.

Password page

To learn more about enabling a password page, see Shopify’s article Password-protect your storefront.

Use background image
Select this checkbox to enable the background image. You must also upload an image using the upload form below.
Background image
Use this upload form to add an image that will be used as the background image for your password page.

See our recommended image dimensions for your password page background image (and every other image in Capital) on the Image dimensions page.